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Whilst in the area of Woodborough Rd , does anyone know where the name Querneby came from (as in Querneby Road ) .

I am a bit limited as am using my tablet which makes it a bit more difficult to search but who , what or where was Querneby ?

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I don't now if it's relevant but the family name Querneby relates originally to the owners of Quenby Hall in Leicestershire. In the late 16th century lands in 'Maperley Closes' were in the possession of members of families called Staples, Querneby and Blyth, hence the 3 names being used for roads when that area was developed. FWIW I know about the Querneby connection because I used to ride out at Quenby Hall with the Squire's son.

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Thanks both . You beat me to it !

By excluding -road , avenue, club, rd and close from the search term , eventually got there .

However it seems spelling it as Quarneby with an a rather than an e , you get more info on Humphrey .

Looks like there is a link of the Quarnebys to the Gregorys . Gregory Blvd ?

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There was land in the area owned by three families, Staples, Blyth & Quernaby

You will find streets named after all of the families in close proximity, namely,

Querneby Road,

Blyth Street,

Staples Street.

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my elder brother lived on wyecliff grove between woodborogh rd and quenerby rdthe rd runs almost parralel to woodborogh rd from just about opposit st judes church and gose up to the schooll that is also on the rd that runs up from st annns as you come on to mapperley top near the methodist church.

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