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Hello, I'm new here (just registered as a member today, 26/10/13, although it's midnight in the UK as I type here in Oz). Not sure if this is the right place to introduce myself??

I'm a baby boomer settled in Oz for just on 50 years so I'm long gone from Nottingham although I see from Google Earth that the street where we last lived has been turned into a series of commercial premises. We came here as "ten pound poms" in the early sixties.

I am always fascinated by the things people remember - especially if I then recall the same thing from my own past.

If there's anyone reading this, who went to Greenwood Junior School (on Sneinton Boulevard), say "Hi"

Hope to post more when I get the hang of these forums.

Cheers, JS.

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There's a good sprinkling of Notts people down here in Oz. Think there are a couple over your side too. Welcome from a Victorian based Notts kid.

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Skype is amazing back in August I was on the train from St Pancras chatting with a mate back in Australia using my IPAD, and was able to let him see the view from the train Free WIFI in 1st class

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I am a newbie too... Living in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Been in Oz 30 plus years with wife and daughter. We recently went back to Nottingham after an absence of 10 years. The changes we noticed was the proliferation of pound shops...plus a few iconic shops had either gone or reduced in size. I noticed also the fantastic range of real ales, as opposed to the domination of the likes of Home Ales and Shipstones... which were frankly rubbish.....


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