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Commo, I'm amazed!

So sorry to hear of your mum's passing. Grandma would often talk about your Mum and the things they used to chat about.

Grandad died in 1986, and Grandma in 1991. I felt quite sad that I had no reason to go to Ruddington any more as it was a major feature in my life until my grandma died.

We used to go for tea once a month right up until I got married, and I used to spend a couple of weeks with Grandma and Grandad each summer holidays from 1965 until about 1970, so I was quite a regular visitor to Ruddintunt (as I used to call it!). After marrying I was abroad for 8 years, but Ruddington was always on the visiting list during our annual leave.

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Don't remember a bus depot. Might have been on the edge. The real Medders was the triangle bounded by Arkwright Street, Wilford Road and the river. All the rest were just wannabees, claiming the fame

I never lived in the Meadows but my Mum came from there. They lived on Glebe Street until 1939 when they moved to Ruddington. Mum was 8 when they left, but she still remembers the time that her mum wh

I agree totally with Michael Wherever I have lived. and I have lived all over the world I have always been proud to tell anyone I am Nottingham born and bred. As they say you can take the kid out of t

A long lost mate of mine, Johnny Booth lived somewhere around Bunbury Street. His family had a newsagents shop somewhere around there. They sold that shop, as far as I know. His Dad then took on a wholesale newspaper set up, delivered Sunday papers to newsagents far and wide.

They live in Wilford when I knocked about with Johnny. We were in the same class at Tech with the NCB, he at Cotgrave and me at Clifton.

There was also Barry Clements who lived up that way too..We are all in our mid 60's now...

I keep in touch with Clem via his wife Sheila on FB.

I know Johnny Booth went to Grammar school, presume it was Mundella.

Another family I know of as I worked with a couple of them, was the Shaws, but they lived somewhere down the bottom end of Briar street somewhere, Bill Shaw and his wife, their kids, deceased, can't recall his Brothers or Sisters name now.

Bill was an electrician at Clifton Colliery as was his Brother Tommy, Bill's eldest Son served his time as an elect at Cotgrave, trnasferred to Clifton for a short time, then lost contact with him when he moved on until several years back when I found him on the internet living in Canada.

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Stuart, or Stewart Stenson lived with his parents and Brother in a Terrace off of Wilford Road opposite Bosworth Road, Stu was another old mate I lost contact with years back..

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I've just read this topic and have now developed an identity crisis. I was born and bred on Meadow Lane, attended London Road school 58/62. Unlike my brothers who both went to Trent Bridge I for some unknown reason was selected to attend the then new Greenwood Bilateral Whilst I wasn't born in the Sacred (or was it the Devils) Triangle I always considered my self as having come from the Meadows most of my friends lived within the triangle I used to drink in all the Pubs on Arkwright St,/ Kirkwhite st when I was on leave. my wife worked on Arkwright St. If it is that I do not qualify for full Meadows status is it to late after 52 years to apply for Honorary status my 10 names from my days in the Meadows are

Cumberpatch Holme Street

Miles Holme Street

Murden Freeth Street

Edwards Brand Street

Panter Brand Street

Froggat Brand Street

Booth Grainger Street

Booker Grainger Street

Smith Grainger Street

Buckingham Moorland Street

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Haha, I was only joking. Andy. Here is my Name 10.

Mrs Wright, Shop - Grainger St.

Mrs Brimble - Grainger St.

Len Willis - Grainger St.

Chris Dillnot - Meadow Lane

Jim Smith - Grainger St.

Albert Morley - Holme St.

Edward Holt - Grainger St.

Douglas Edwards - Brand St.

Clara Booth - Grainger St.

Mr. Edest - Grainger St.

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I agree totally with Michael Wherever I have lived. and I have lived all over the world I have always been proud to tell anyone I am Nottingham born and bred. As they say you can take the kid out of the Meadows but you will never take the Meadows out of the kid.

I like your choice of ten Michael and remember them all well


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Clara Booth, who is on my list, was my dads mother. I have a lovely photo of Cara and my mother from 1935, stood outside Clara's house on Grainger Street.

My eldest brother, John, went to live with Clara so that there'd be more room at our house on Grainger Street.

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