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Don't remember a bus depot. Might have been on the edge. The real Medders was the triangle bounded by Arkwright Street, Wilford Road and the river. All the rest were just wannabees, claiming the fame

I never lived in the Meadows but my Mum came from there. They lived on Glebe Street until 1939 when they moved to Ruddington. Mum was 8 when they left, but she still remembers the time that her mum wh

I agree totally with Michael Wherever I have lived. and I have lived all over the world I have always been proud to tell anyone I am Nottingham born and bred. As they say you can take the kid out of t

Den, judging by your age I presume you would have been at school with Stevie Newell who went on to play for Notts County, see him in the Navigation prior to Forest home games. Another one a bit older than me you may remember was Dennis Fisher, Pedro Richards and Tristran Benjamin would possibly be a year below you.

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My family the Cookseys were all bought up on Willersley Street my dad John Cooksey now lives in Louth and I live in South Wales which has a lot of the old Medders spirit still going on like leaving your door unlocked neighbours looking out for each other.If/when A Charlesworth is back on ill have a natter with him

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Some names I remember from Glapton Road & the terraces off = Dodson, Denman, Greenshith, Roper, Norman, Broderick, Turner, Elliot, Colson, Cox, Brown, Anderson, Warrington, Robbinson, Roland Green, (lord mayor or sumat similar) Tindall, Coffee, Buckthorp. There were some with Polish names I cant pronounce or spell but the girls in those families were all very pretty..

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