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Whillst looking at the old news archives , saw a picture from May 1944 of actors Mervyn Johns and Norah Swinborne and director Norman Walker standing on the steps of the Council House . The caption says they were filming on location in Nottingham .Story written by Dorothy Whipple.

This would seem to be the film and there was a piece about it , in the E.P. last year

Anyone seen it or know how to view it ?

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Thanks DJ , that would be good .

Looking at further news snippets it says , background shots were taken on Mansfield Rd, Gregory Blvd , the Ollerton road ? and the steps of the Guildhall .

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Good scenes of Victoria train station, both exterior and inside at the beginning... Will watch it all the way through later..

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Some good scenes of "Slab Square" with trolley buses...I see they called the City Trentham.

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Thanks DJB , watching it now . Amazing you happened to have that on your hard-drive !

There are a few brief outside shots of the Vic. Station and trains leaving the platform .

The article below says the booking hall shots are made in the studios . Noticed the Castle and factories in the background from the train carriage shots and the buses in the Square . The Guildhall steps too .

Wonder if the suburban road they call The Grove is a Nottingham street ? Also Lincoln Prison and the Cathedral.

This is the article from the EP 10.04.1944 about the making of the film.


This is a bit of an earlier story about the author Dorothy Whipple and a road accident her hubby was involved in . Says she lived at 35 Ebers Rd.

Have left in these shots of some other road accidents from July 1934 .


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DJB , do you mean the house they called The Lodge ? Haven't a clue but I have screen grabbed some stills . presume these are all from 1944 :

This is from the opening shots as Mr Blake leaves "The Lodge" on unknown road .


Without the bus .


Vic Station


Presume St.Marys to the left . White building in the middle looks interesting !


Leaving Grans house , unknown street .


Train leaving Vic Station . One of the shots as they were leaving seemed to show Widdowsons through the train window but failed to capture that shot .


This was one of the more interesting shots , a panning shot . Building says Trent Navigation I think , which should allow placing .


Unknown road where the fictional Lodge is supposed to be .....Mapperley Park area ?


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I think I've worked out a couple of the locations.

This one...


...was taken from the Castle. The white building was on Carrington Street (I've arrowed it) and the spire on the right was St Nicholas' Church School on Castle Road. (Just visible at the other arrow)


On this one....

knightb2.jpg's Wilford Road. Two Trent Navigation warehouses at the bottom end opposite The Navigation pub (arrowed). On the film picture we are seeing the front of the smaller building - on the aerial shot we see the rear.


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Thanks Bamber . Would make some sort of sense if it was Ebers Rd .

In that printed article about the writers husband having a car accident , it said that they lived at 35 Ebers Rd . Maybe it saved on location costs , using the writers house as a base ?

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Doesn't help identifying but have put the first scene on youtube . I haven't really got the processing space on my laptop to edit the whole film so plonked my Samsung tablet in front of the telly to capture these scenes . Trouble is they are mp4 files and its taking 30 mins to upload a one minute scene !

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Should be public now !

Next scene on unknown road . Other streets can be fleetingly seen through car window .

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