Lenton flats - memories

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No worries, I'll just send them to my home email and do them one evening - there are some great shots so I'd like to share them :)

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Hello Lenton residents!

We're putting on an exhibition about the Lenton Flats in the Crocus Gallery. Come enjoy the food and wine at the opening event on the 10th April at 6pm till 8pm. There will be an array of art, including blueprints from Nottingham Archives, paintings from the students in Edna G Olds, photos from the builders and art from local artists. Throughout the exhibition there will be a chance to share your memories about the flats in a rare book that will be donated to Nottingham Archives, so that the Lenton Flats legacy can be preserved. You can also send me memories or photos if you would like to be included in the rare book at ++++++++++++. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/Lifeoflentonflats .


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Anyone on here recall a small building firm behind what was MFI?

Wiltshire's I think..the small depot they had was locked in time ( Edwardian) I had some dealings with the painting side of things..haven't been up park road in 40 years,a great old teacher lived on Harlaxton Drive further up..miss Savin did great high teas on low tables.

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My mum moved into 13 Willoughby Court from a terrible house on Ireton Street off Alfreton Road/ Portland Road that had no inside toilet or bathroom at all - this was in the early 70s! So for her it was like heaven - bathroom and under floor heating ! she loved it but missed a bit of a yard to hang her washing which she had before! Sadly she died in 1987 bless her 

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I lived on the 8th floor of Lenton Court in 1970 till 1975.  It was OK, the rooms were big and the building was well looked after by the caretaker.  The only downside was there was no window in the bathroom it backed the main landing so every time you put the light on you heard this whirring - probably venting?   There was a good chip shop in the little arcade.  One early evening I saw thick smoke coming up past the kitchen window.  I opened the window looked out and saw it was coming from the flat below.  I flew down the stairs, hammered the door.  The lady had been on the phone and had forgotten that she had something cooking on the stove - which had boiled dry, the pan was black, the kitchen a fog - phew!  


One evening during the coal miners strike I'd got the last bus home from the town and made sure I was the last off ie no-one following me as the street lights were out as we were on a power out due to the strike.  I had my torch so OK so I thought.  This chap in a rain mac (so you know where this is going) came alongside me and started to chat.  He followed me into the flats and kept talking whilst I was waiting for the lift.  The lift arrived I got in but he didn't he'd decided to show me his dolls arm!  shock horror I told him if he didn't go I was going to press the alarm and Mr ? (can't remember his name) the caretaker would be down straight away.  With that he went.


I remember we had our first telephone.  My mum hadn't realised it was a party line and so quite often you'd go to make a call only to hear someone's conversation going on and put the phone down quickly!


I used to go up to the roof and hang out the washing - good views and a sun trap - spent many hours up there with a friend nattering about this and that!


On the 6th or 7th floor lived the owner/manager of Poyser the Jewellers at entrance to Victoria Centre - think I've got that right.  They had a hippyish son.


Well I think that's all my memories of Lenton Court.....RIP



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My memories are a little less savoury. A cable fault put one of the towers out and I had a crew there repairing it when some dirty sod decided that peeing on them from halfway way up was a good idea. I sent the guys home and was quite busy the next day before i got around to sending them back.

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