West Bridgford Junior , Exchange Rd

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Not a pupil there but just seen this excellent quality video from the Mace archives from 1953 .

Most of it shows the kids practicing for an event, probably the Coronation as per the title , in the playground .

Must be plenty of these kids still around , wish there was footage like this from my schools !


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Thats a great bit of film. My eldest daughter is a teacher there, and i'm sure she will be interested to see it.

Its a lovely school, pretty much the same as it was in 1953 by the look of it. There is an annexe with 3 classrooms, Midland Cottages, just down the road.

When we were kids, in the '70's, the school was called South County.

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Thats good TM .

Just realised , when the kids are kneeling down in the playground , it looks like they are making a flag image or something and later could be an E ? .

Some seem to be wearing coloured vests and they have lined up in a particular fashion .

Of course in black and white its a bit difficult to make out .

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DavidW #1

That is a great video, ooh you brought my memories of The Coronation Celebrations flooding back to me, I'm 5yrs old again, in my 'Red, White and Blue waving my

little flag with all my might, round the back of the 'Chesterfield Arms'. I don't think we had a street party, I think everyone must have gone to the pub for the Celebrations. I wondered if any of you Nottstalgians from that neck of the woods were there that day! Got any more David. unionflag :)

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That video brought back some horrible memories of junior school :dry:

Mace refer to it as 'Folk dancing', but I remember it from Greencroft Junior School as 'Country dancing'. Did anybody like it? None of the boys did, although possibly one or two of the girls did. Almost everybody hated it, yet we were forced through 30 minutes of embarrassment every week. It certainly helped me in my future life.......

Proof that teachers of those days had a twisted sense of humour.

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We had Country Dancing At Gedling All Hallows infant School,not sure if the boys liked it but i remember being really proud at the yearly 'Garden Party' doing our display. Some times we got though the routines OK but it only took one mistake and we ended in chaos with one of the teachers dashing onto the lawn to untangle us all. I can always remember being so hot and thirsty, with my bright red face glowing. Great memories of the Rectory lawn and all the lovely stalls,

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