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Born in a house on Hereford Road, Woodthorpe, moving to Woodthorpe Drive when I was still a few months old.  This was my home until I married in 1966 (although I also lived in Nurses'  Homes in Harlow Wood Hospital and subsequently in Leicester Royal Infirmary from 1960 - 1965/66).

We lived in Aylestone, Leicester for 10 years, but went to stay with my parents in Nottingham every other weekend.

Then we moved to a village called Cottenham in Cambs in 1976.  Up to 1981, when my parents moved to live with us, we still visited my parents' house on Woodthorpe Drive as often as we could.  

We have lived in our present village, still in Cambs, since 2011 and expect this is our last move until - as an old man we know said - "you move into a smaller wooden house with no windows!"

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Born Rosetta Rd New Basford, moved to St Albans Rd Bulwell just up from the railway crossing at 17. Then to Harmston Rise Heathfield at 19. Left home a few months later and moved to Buxton to court SW

Aspleh as a baby, Speechely St as a toddler, then Peveril St for 15 years before moving to Carlton. Married and bought house in Loughborough, then on the Keyworth and now near Stafford, part time in F

You upset Mrs Ben and you'll probably go to A&E, followed by ICU, followed of those big black vans marked Private Ambulance. So, behave yersen! 

Born in Firs Maternity Hospital in 1954. Lived in Thorneywood and Mapperley Park. Left Nottingham in 1973 for Manchester, Leeds, Wirral, Manchester again before settling in Newcastle upon Tyne 25+ years ago

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On 24/11/2013 at 4:25 PM, Bubblewrap said:

Born Highbury Vale Hospital 1949

Lived above paternal grandparents shop in Carlton till 1953 then To Welbeck Avenue(off Westdale Lane) till 1967.

Short spell in London area(Railway) then Loughborough since 1971.

Nottinghamshire border is only about half a mile away from me as the crow flies

As you can see folks I have returned & I have soon adjusted to "city life" :)


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Born in the Firs, October 1965, lived in Broxtowe until September 1968, then moved to Clifton. Left Clifton, October 1977 and moved to Findern, Derbys. June 1980 moved to Brixworth, Northants. Now married and living in Northampton, two kids, eldest still at home, but daughter has just moved to Melton Mowbray, so the family is starting to drift back home.

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Born in the Firs in 1946.  Lived in Bath Street, Old Basford, Huntingdon Street and St Ann's.  Married a girl from Bilborough, then eventually moved to Swansea and Neath before moving on to Leeds.  Three Children all still in or back in Yorkshire after some adventures in Manchester and London.  Brother went off to London for some years then returned to the City Centre.  Grandchildren showing every sign of spreading their wings soon.



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Likewise 571. I lived near Bath St. It was Garnet St, off Gordon Rd, and lived there from 48 till about 56/7.

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