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I came across RT Simpson on the way home from school in Gunn and Moore when I went in as usual to ogle the bats which of course I could never be able to afford. He was in the shop and I remember not to proud to chat to a scruffy little urchin. RIP Reg.

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Only saw him a playing a couple of times in the 50's but remember that he was one of the stalwarts of that slightly "frail" Notts team of the 50's and followed his games in the score sheets at the back of the Evening Post.

He was a director of Gunn and Moore after his playing days had finished.

R I P Reg.

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I was a Juvenile member and later a Junior member of Notts CCC in the 50's and early 60's, and remember Reg Simpson opening the batting with Johnny Clay. Notts were not among the top teams in those days, although they had some good players.

LizzieM, I don't think his autograph will be valuable, he would often sit in his car after the match and collectors would form an orderly queue to get his signature, he would sign everyones book before driving home. R.I.P Reg Simpson, wartime RAF pilot.

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