orange street old meadows nottingham

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I worked with Mick rouke on SandA removals he was a tall lad about same height as me he actually worked as a fireman from dunkirk island i know firemen in derbyshire and they told me he stayed with the fire service did he join police from school mick wasnt in long at all nice lad good sense of humour.

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Mick i did not mean to confuse you i think Mick Rourke did in fact have a short spell in the police force Mick worked on removals as a second job as many other firemen had 2 jobs because quite often they would sleep at work when not called out.I am not 100% of my facts but thats as i remember . You are probably more confused now I think Mick Rourke was year above you not sure if he wasnt a prefect or head boy

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On 26/12/2013 at 2:41 PM, ir50suew said:

hi i was born at 3 hague cottages orange street 1961. would love to hear from anyone . the old meadows nottingham

Family names that also lived next door and several doors down wher the blagdens. Selina and george . Can anyone remember a fire at hague cottages where 3 children died in a fire i probly was about 3 then ????

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On 2013-12-28 at 6:23 PM, mick2me said:

I am begining to wonder now if I am thinking of someone else who joined the police,

apart from Mick Jennings (RIP)

Just saw this, so sad, I'd no idea Mick had died. I knew him from Trent Bridge and later found someone I knew at work, Elaine, was married to him.

RIP Mick.

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On 12/27/2013 at 11:58 AM, ... said:

A up i was born near poets on willersley st had family all around bunbury st robey cottagesdid you go to meadows schoolsif so which ones

I went to colleycate infants and trent bridge juinors and then on to roland green.


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Welcome ir50suew 

My fathers family were from the meadows they lived in Headon Ter bottom of Wilford Road also a ter just around from Headon  ter although can't recall the name of it. Was there a Newcastle Street? this was also where my other uncle and aunt lived, It's such a long time ago now  but keep posting love to hear stories of the Meadows. Oh ! by the way my dad went to Bosworth Street school.

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