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Me dad always bought the Daily Mirror, the ones I recall are;

The Perishers...................& Cousin Worsoff, so called why?

The Fosdyke Saga...............& the 'Wrong Looney' story

And of course..................Andy & Flo Capp

Must have been some that you lot read in dads daily papers, after he'd finished wiyit of course

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Mum and Dad had The Sun and I even remember it as a broad sheet before it went tabloid. I think Hector was a cartoon in the old sun (he was a baby) unless that was in the Evening Post many moons ago.

The only one I can remember from the Sun as it is now is George and Lynn, I haven't looked at it for over 30 years.

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We used to have the Daily Mirror for most of the 1960s.

I can just remember the original 'Jane' - and later on they had 'Daughter of Jane'. Then there was:

'Romeo Brown'

'Garth' (is that still going?)

'The Larks' (that went on for years)

'The Flutters'

Not strips, but other regulars at one time were:

'Useless Eustace'

'Calamity Gulch'

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I used to love Oor Wullie (Our Willie) in the Scottish Sunday Post. His trademarks were his dungaees and the upturned bucket he'd be sitting on. I also used to love The Broons in the same newspaper.

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In another thread, I posted newspapers from Moon Landing day in June 1969. Looking at those papers again, there are quite a few cartoons there as well. What immediately stands out is......none of them seem very funny.

From the Evening Post in 1969 -



And from the Daily Express at the same time -




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Ah, Little Sport with his massive sticking up fringe. I remember him so well. That has reminded me of how quickly the Football Post was printed and sent out. My dad had hardly got home from the match before the paper was pushed through the letter box. Years later he had to go to the paper shop to collect it just before they closed but often he couldn't get it until Sunday morning. A bit like the Nottingham Evening Post ........ once upon a time there was the early edition and the final edition each day. Now there's only one edition which is available late morning but been printed the night before. The news is 24 hours old for goodness sake! No wonder circulation is way down, I for one don't buy it anymore but do look online most days.

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Can anyone remember The Larks in the Daily Mirror?

On the subject of modern cartoon strips, I just love Beau Peep in the Daily Star.

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