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As you know, I always deeply respected Bob so what I say next is not intended to attack a good man who is not here to defend himself.  If you asked Bob to define his religion he would answer, as he did to me once.  "I'm a liberal Christian."  Trimmed to it's basics we might translate that as, believe what you want.  Jesus was a good man try to follow his teachings.  A slippery slope.  At that point God becomes a God of the gaps. What we can't explain by our science must be God's doing.  I'm not trying to start a religious debate so don't block me.;)  I'm just trying to explain that seeming anomaly as best I can.  So we might say Physics is exact science, but where the Bible seems to disagree the Bible must be wrong.  Needless to say we had some lively, even acrimonious debates in his later years.  That is probably enough said at this point.

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There exists a truly horrific photo of me in my balaclava and NHS glasses, with my late sister in her NHS glasses, being rather too closely hugged by a very iffy looking Co-op Santa. I've done all I

The Elizabethan Rooms have some good memories for me also, carni. This is a post that I put on the thread where the photo came from. I'd also love to see some photos of the ballroom because it was wh

i was a floorwalker at coop house during the 90s and have wonderful memories of it especially the staff and some offenders,in particular one old lady in her 70s who stole ladies coats at £40 a time,on

I never knew  Bob did that after school activity.  He never mentioned it but I don't suppose he would.


I have also wondered how he would defend his statement that 'Physics is an exact science,' today.  Did he mean Newtonian physics? or something else?  I'm no expert on physics but from items I read it would seem that many of the longterm teachings of physics are questionable today.


I know he sure helped me with the math I had to deal with in my apprenticeship.  I don't mean he did it for me but he had a real gift of explaining the principles and then letting me work it out in the questions. My MIL Mary had also been a teacher.  Retired by the time I knew her so Janet got a solid grounding in education.


My secondary school experience of teachers had not been good.  with few exceptions I found them sarcastic and if they couldn't beat you down that way there was always the cane.  On the night I met Janet and saw her home, Naturally we talked about our backgrounds.  I asked her what her dad did for a living and she said he was a teacher.  I nearly got off the bus at the next stop.  He was waiting for the bus at the stop on Burton rd.  I didn't even know how to speak to him.  I referred to him as 'sir'.  Type of guy he was , he didn't say thanks for bringing her home, goodnight.  Rather, he said to her, "Well you don't need me to walk you down the street"  and off he went leaving us to enjoy the last few minutes of the evening.  As things went I was to discover that teachers lived normal home lives, watching tv, reading the paper etc.  Not sitting home dreaming up new ways of inflicting misery on schoolboys.  As a whole family they renewed my faith in humanity.


Sorry for long post.  you've got me going on a topic close to my heart.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone remembered my Mum who used to work in the advertising /design department? I have the best memories of the building and the people working there, however, I was very young and she has sadly passed away. She would have worked there in the 80s and her name was Sheila. Would love to hear from anyone who knew her at this time. Thank you

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Hi all.


I worked in Broadmarsh in the early 80s: various departments with the likes of Pete Burton, Peggy Reevely and the infamous Ted Perfect etc.


I then moved to Parliament St Radio and TV. I'm trying to find others that worked there in the 80s especially those from my depth Kevin, Ray, Nikki, Paul but also Renate Watson ... 




James Barnaby 

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Ey up James.......i worked in Security for the Coop from mid 90s so probably after your time.......We had an office in Broad Marsh and a main one at the back of Parliament street near the steps of the staff entrance....

                  Last saw Ted Perfect at a coop house reunion about may remember the security supervisor June Radford...a real character.......did many Store Detective duties with her....she was 4ft 10in and sadly Passed....

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