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Here is an interesting road sign in Port Augusta South Australia 300 km (186miles) north of Adelaide Perth is 2,388 km (1483 miles) and Darwin is 2,723km (1692miles) From Nottingham this distance

How about this one from Wollaston.

That bush needs a bit of a trim.

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stephen there are some unusual rd names in lincolnshire ,we once broke down in billinghay sat in the car nex to the pub on main rd for three hours waiting for the rac only problem was pub was closed.

next time we go out that way in the car i must take my camera with us and take a pic of some of them.

going through bleasby and fiskerton there are a few too one that always makes me laugh is gravely lanebut of course now its all tarmacill take some pics around there too

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I have a book titled RUDE BRITAIN

(100 Rudest Place Names in Britain)

Here are a few examples

1)Brown Willy (a hill in Cornwall)

2) Six Mile Bottom

3) Ugley

4)Old Sodbury.

5)Grope Lane


7)Merkins Avenue(A Merkin is a pubic wig)

8)Spanker Lane

9)Dick Court

10) Minge Lane

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Did you hear about the Irishman that thought "Muffin the Mule" was a sexual offence?

I'll get my coat...

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re #29. Further up Pemberton St (to the left of this picture) there are more steps - that's where you'll find Long Stairs!

Short Stairs leads to Short Hill (it is), which leads onto a street called simply Hollowstone. Then we've got High Pavement, Middle Pavement and Low Pavement! And where Boots once had a factory - Pennyfoot Street.

And isn't there a Knicker Hill somewhere out Loughborough way?

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whent to skeggy totad and whent throughbleaseby fiskerton way to newark shale lane and a bread barrow lane as well as then went to sleaford through billinghay past labour in vain lan steven. now booked and paid the deposit for our rockers reunion in august.

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We had a caravan at Skeggy for a few years and travelling there most weekends from West Mid's used to take us between 3/4 hrs depending on the traffic. One of the routes we took used to pass Labour In Vain Drove, I had forgotten it until I saw Stevens post. I used to love to see all the bikes and the riders congregating at Skeggy Babs, I hope the weather is good for your reunion.

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yes i do too carni as it means i wont spend so much time in the pub i can get out and about on my scooter last year was so hot i burnt my forehead and nose and cheeks despite having lots of sun cream on must find myself a good son hat this year,this one is the sith and only had one bad weekend rained most of the time. any one who is interested its on the 1st 2nd 3rd august this year if anyone wants to come for a day out sunday about one pm is the big ride in from burgh le marsh to the ship usualy about 200 bikes ride inand many more besides who are already there classic and modern

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Of course, there was an one time a railway station called Twenty on the late-lamented Midland and Great Northern Joint. It was between Bourne and Spalding, and I think served a hamlet of the same name, where the line crossed the 20 foot drain. The following station was called Counterdrain.

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