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Hello,   Thank you for your reply Benjamin, and thank you for the welcome DJ. Both are really appreciated.   I spoke to my Aunt, Mum’s sister, this morning and she maintains that t

I moved onto Southglade Rd. (No. 40) around 1951/2, when I was barely 3. Prevously we lived at 76 Glaisdale Drive, Bilboro. Back then, there was no Beckhampton, no Rise Park, or Top Valley, or Bestw

I'm back Mandie,,,so much to tell you don't know where to start  lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes indeed Leybourne drive i'm sure was finished just before the war,,,i recall the remnants of an ''Air raid shelte

17 hours ago, trogg said:

I have attached 2 lists of roads in Bestwood  Estate with the residents names from 1953, I think 2 of our members families are on these lists. They may have memories of these people, I am sure some of them were characters and memories like these should not be forgotten.

I have the disc with most streets in Nottingham if anybody wants me to post them .




Fab stuff Mick! I only remember a Manser from the first list. I was at HP with a Graham Manser who lived on Andover. Last seen at the HP Bicentenary Dinner in 2008. He was living in Girvan, Scotland and working in textiles.


Southglade.  Bear in mind that as far as I can work out.. we moved from Bilborough to Bestwood in 1952 or 53. I was born Feb 3rd 1949, so in Feb 1953 I was 4. I suspect we moved in in '52. I recall moving in.  The family moving out were called 'Potter'.  Also recall one day wandering up and down the street 'lost' because I knew there was a '4' in there somewhere.. but was it 40, 42, 44 ? I wasn't in school.


 I remember Jaycocks, nice family.  Carlin? Nope.  I'm sure they were nice people but I have no memory. Wakefields? Yes. I was pals with Reggie Wakefield Jr for years.  They got all posh and bought a house somewhere....

Bowlers. Nice

Morris.  Alfie and Co.  Loveable rogues.  I think Ben told us a while back that Alfie had left us?

16. Town.? Nope

18 Rowbotham. No.

Where is 20?

22. Johnson. No.

24 Hollifield. Yep.  Ray was my age and his younger bro Derek.  Still about as far as I know but I haven't seen the since 60s.Part of our 'gang'.

26. I vaguely remember Willoughbys.

28 is Mitchell..who I don't recall. They were succeeded by Chambers. I was at school with their lad and he was one of our gang.

30 'Mayes' Nope.. That was later Armstrong. Dave was also part of our gang.

32. No. I recall a chap called ..maybe 'Simms'? Whatever his name. he didn't like us kids much.

34. Abbot.  Nice family. Dad was a Textile Designer in lace factories. Son was Peter. He was very into arts/crafts etc. He made models. He was fascinated by American Indians and their 'stuff'. He made copies.  Went to the cinema with hm and also rode to Southwell with him on bikes. Genuinely nice people.

36 Barber's.  They had a daughter as I recall.  Ben may recall better.

38. Dunno. Later it was Girling.. Son David and daughter Lynn and a couple more families after that.

40. Yep.. Guilty as charged.. That was us..

42. Gambles.  Yep. Kids were our friends. Christne, Graham and Susan. They got all posh and bought a house on Valley Rd.

44.  Quinney  I don't recall. They were replaced by Sanders.. who took me to Blackpool for a week as a 'companion' to their son Gerald.

46. George Bramley.  Remember him well. Also his kids. I think we've been in contact on here but my memory is so crap these days.


Getting fed up now but I recall most names lower down the list.


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We didn't leave, so much as fade away Ben... :).


My late Sister Pam got married and left in 1967, though after moving around a fair bit she ended up on Leybourne from the early 70s and my Brother in Law still lives there. Pam died in 2012.

I started to drift away from about 1969/70 and was gone for good by 1971.

My Dad died relatively young in 1976.  He was 56.

My brother got married a couple of years later and moved up to Warren Wood.

So Mum lived alone there until she needed residential care which would be around 2009.

My brother moved back into the house for the best part of a year while his was repaired after a catastrophic flood destroyed almost the whole of the interior.

When it was obvious Mum was not returning, we sold the place about 2011.

Mum passed in 2015.

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The reason i asked col was i had a cousin move onto southglade and couldnt recall whether it was 40 or 44,,it was about 1960,,and must have been 44 then,,their names were Humphries Ron and Brenda do you remember them?

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Hi Ben, I don't know that name. Around 1960 it would still be Gambles in 42, Sanders in 44 and Bramley's in 46. 48 was Smith.  I'll ask our kid if he remembers the name.  No. 42 changed early 60s to Beardsley. I think Sanders were still there in 1969 when I got my first car.

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On 1/26/2014 at 10:41 AM, Cliff Ton said:

An area - and estate - hardly mentioned anywhere in Nottstalgia

Think thats changed a bit now cliff ton.........

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