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On 10/18/2015 at 7:41 PM, taxi ray said:


I am surprised that nothing has been built on the site, it looks so desolate now.

A date has been announced and building on the site of Padstow school  commences later this year......with new houses...

I am surprised that only 3 of us on here seem to originate from Old Bestwood estate.....also i seem to be the only one thats ex Padstow.....

             I must admit i get too sentimental about the old school and Bestwood in much so that my happy memories (probably a bit Rose tinted'') tend daft enough... to make me sad when i venture up there now........

                    With this in mind i thought i would record on here something about the old school and larger site that needs recording for 'Posterity'' before its completely forgotten (if its not already).......

Our first school football pitch about 1950 was a couple of hundred yards from where Padstow stood next to 'Henry Whipple school'' and it was called the ''Camp Pitch''........i can only guess as i have heard nothing for sure that its name originated either from a 'POW' or Army camp''.......Perhaps @dj360 Col can help.....also adjacent to the Camp pitch were some concrete bunkers which i was told when i was about 5 (1950) that they were the remains of an ''Anti-Aircraft'' site.......these were quiet extensive and went underground a few feet.. and as kids we enjoyed exploring........obviously something was demolished near abouts as the Camp Pitch'' was very dangerous with pieces of concrete..Glass..and bricks just half under the surface......wouldn't be allowed today...and we certainly wouldnt slide on our Knees after scoring a goal...........sorry for the long post but had to do it dont want it all forgot.............

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I don't think this has been posted before (the clarity is a bit dodgy), but it shows several features which Ben mentioned.




Gainsford Crescent curves in at the bottom. Several schools are shown but not named.

There are two disused military campsites - one on the left and one on the right - and a 'Gunsite' in the top right corner.

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The School on the left is Henry Whipple Infants School, in the middle is the Junior School and the one on the right is the wooden hut which has been mention before, I never had any knowledge of it being a School   only knew it as a Community Centre. But I am sure Ben can tell us more. But it is a great map.

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The one on the right Trogg was a nursery school in my school years...later became a Community centre..

Straight opposite this across the road was where the main Huts (school) was.......from memory 6 huts...

This was my first school.....even recall some of the teachers names

Hut 1/   Mrs Taylor

Hut 3/  Mrs Jervis

Hut 5/ Miss Blackborn......

Headmistress Mrs Townsend

We even had a school 'Pianist'' Mrs Gernill......lovely lady.........

Funny what you recall. even from 1950.....Miss Blackborn must have liked me.......she gave me an American forces that could tell a tale..........:rolleyes:

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Thanks Kev......that map answers my Query ref Army Camp and Anti Aircraft Gun site.........roughly in the middle of the map is a long oblong shape with what looks like Trees......they are still there... and with it being high up can be seen for miles...i hear there is a movement for them to be kept in Situ'' when the building is complete...........

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