Help with downloading Photos from Photobucket, or anywhere else for that matter

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I haven't been posting on here for a while, I have a load of photo's to post which are stored on Photobucket.

Things have changed and I'm clearly useless, what do I do, urgent help needed!!!

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OK, in your Photobucket account, select the photo, on the right hand side is a menu "Links To share This Photo", move your curser over "direct" and left click, the address will blink, showing you have copied it, next, in the "post window" here, where you type your message, select the "picture icon" on yje bottom row, about half way along from the "B" etc. Left click on it, a drop down box will appear, paste the address you copied of the photo on Photobucket, ie curser over the window marked "URL" right click and the address you copied will be pasted, then click on OK at the bottom of that popup window.

Your photo will now appear in the post window.

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I select pic on on IMG ...right click on here..then paste...thats it.

The code appears ..if I want to check the picture,I just click 'more reply options'...and there it is.

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That way used to work for me, but hasn't in ages, so I use the direct code into the image drop down box.

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Fine, but I'd like to know a step by step guide on what I press in order to publish pictures in reply to a topic, starting from basics, I'm an old git and my brain doesn't always work properly.

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I think we are mostly old gits on here Firbeck...LOL

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firbeck (#5), I had the same problem when I joined Nottstalgia so don't think you're on your Follow these instructions step by step and see how you go. It would be better if you could print the instructions off so that you've always got them in front of you when putting a photo on Nottstalgia.

Click onto Photobucket.

Enter Username and Password.

Click on 'sign in' (the one next to your password)

New page opens.

Click on 'Upload'.

New page opens

You'll see 'Drag N' Drop your Photos and Videos' and underneath this you will see 'Browse Files'.

Click on 'Browse files'

A new page opens with a 'File Upload' box

Click on the place where your photo is.

Search for your photo (name of) and double click on it to upload it.

A new page appears with your photo and above it you will see a blue box 'View library' Click on this.

A new page appears with all your photos on.

Choose the one you want to put on Nottstalgia and underneath the photo is a box 'IMG code'.

Click on 'IMG code' to turn it blue.

Right click on the blue 'IMG code' to open new box and left click on 'Copy'.

Find the page on Nottstalgia where you want to put your photo on.

Left click in top left corner to get your marker and right click next to this to open new box.

Click on 'Paste'

A row (or two) of letters and numbers will appear.

If you wish to make a comment on the photo then type your message directly under the bottom line of letters/numbers.

Click on 'Post' and your photo will appear in the box. If you did a message, that will be under the photo..

Hopefully, it's all gone well but if it hasn't then send me a PM and we'll go through it until we've sorted it.

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Firbeck, don't worry about your level of expertise as you're way ahead of me, I don't even know anything about Photobucket!!Perhaps one day I'll pluck up the courage to try and understand, after using a digital camera for 6 years I still can't remember how to load the pics onto my computer noblue

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It's OK, I've sussed it, the problem is with the various computers I've got, one is barely alive, the other has a defective mouse, I've just been up to town to buy a new mouse, let's see what happens.

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