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Grange farm restaurant looked great from the clienteles  point of view, but I remember well working for EMGAS in the kitchens in the 60s, it would certainly not pass hygiene standards today. One thing I can recall very clearly is a wooden box of fish on a bare concrete floor, covered in ice that was melting and running all over the floor and we had to clean the fat of the range cooker before we could start work.

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the Manor car park used to be the plot of a pair of semi detached houses that they demolished to site the car park. Grange farms drive was next door to the manor car park and the bungalow on the drive was occupied by Mr Skinners daughter and son in law ,mr Skinner the owner lived in a flat upstairs in the old farmhouse ,the car park for the restaurant was where grange farm close is now. My dad used to do lots of maintenance work there, and was pally with Mr Skinner he died of cancer sadly ,and the place was never the same again As an aside the Manor was the Cosy Cafe in the 50s and 60s and changed to The Manor hotel it was run by a chap called Allan and his Wife, I forget their surname. They  sold the Manor when they retired and it was bought by the Tom Cobbley chain and made into a pub. Manor garage almost opposite was owned by Stan Burnett who was a pal of mine he used to race cooper 500 cc racing cars and was also a formula 1 mechanic for Reg Parnall  Stan was also an accomplished private pilot ,but nearly hit a bus once when taking off  from  horse field  next door ,he forgot the wet grass would slow him down a bit, happy days

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1 hour ago, swe62 said:

 Manor garage almost opposite was owned by Stan Burnett 

I worked at a place in Long Eaton for a couple of years and used to drive past there every day. Burnetts were big in crane hire and always had several on the site.


And this is Grange Farm from 1985.


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Exactly, I was there last week. The house as obviously gone, and is now a lovely veranda and outside eating area. Dog friendly too.

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