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My quest to track down some folk continues. Would anyone know what became of Radford Rd Council School , potentially aka New Basford Council School.

I know it was in business in the early quarter of the 1900s at least, but that's all.


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I wonder if this is Dora Soar ? Caption says Basford Infants Council School, Basford, c 1915


Maybe it isn't ! However , there is another photo of a class of all boys on Picture The Past of the Radford Rd School but with a male teacher .

Or what about this one , caption says

Location: Radford Road Title: New Basford Board Schools

"The school building is used as offices by James Shipstone. The stone bearing the name of these schools is now in the grounds of Northgate Primary School."


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dam, I'd looked at picture the past, but I could see there were c16 schools listed the area along radford road at one point, trying to pull them apart was nigh impossible. However, maybe a process of eliminaton could be employed - I guess there couldn't be too many female head mistresses at that time? Have set the other half to work on that.

In other happy news, the story of the original inhabitants are now complete, they are all buried in one plot around the corner, and even tracked some old news clippings - it would seem Mr Soar was quite a cad.....

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