Local Traditional Jazz 50s. 60s.

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Just found this thread as I was looking for pictures of my Dad. He was Alan Parkin,

the trombonist on the picture guesting with Ken Colyer.

There were regular gigs in Stapleford, the TBI, the Fiveways. There's a lot of players who played in and around Nottingham and out Derby way, not mentioned here. Ced Smith, Paul Russell, Jeremy Crampton, Eric Pete, Terry Cotterell?, Bill Cole. to name a few.

My mother has a whole load of pictures of the local bands and info. taken over the years. She has a really good memory of who played where. Ill ask her.

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#1 2nd picture,.....nice to see 'Boycie' on the Banjo,

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Trying to remember the very first Bulwell Jazz Club held at the rear of St Marys Church C1960. The entrance to the club room was up some outside wooden stairs. The band were only OKish and a work mate played trombone. He would slide 3 notes and blow one :rolleyes:. Think his name was Bob....?

This was a different venue to the one described by Chulla at the Liberal club.

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I remember him (vaguely) . Always remember seeing him sing a song called Cherry Pie in the 60s . 

My brother played many times with him and kept in touch . 

I know he moved to St. Ives and started selling antiques (I think) and may have done a bit of painting . He then left St. Ives but forgotten where he moved to , think he also changed his name . 

Will have to check with my brother .

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Hello DavidW,

Tonysfriend here again, sorry for the delay. 

Is your brother Bob Wilson by any chance?

Tony, whose friend I actually really am, and for whose sake I've created this profile,  says this would be the only one he could think of.

Tony now lives in a village in South Devon and he changed his name to Byron T. Jackson, in 1980. He retired from performing in 2004. 

He is thinking about an idea to make a PDF copy of a couple of books he made and self-published, about the history of jazz in Nottingham. They are full of photos and illustrations by Tony and his wife Valerie and one of them is handwritten in Tony's longhand. He would like to make them freely available to public.


Jazz is Alive & Well & Can Be Found in Nottingham (1969)

A Pictorial History of Nottingham Jazz 1946 - 1967 (1990) 


Do you think there would be an interest in these 2 ebooks? I am helping him with this project so we were wondering where would be a good place to share these books.




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Yes you have got it in one ! Busted !

Despite my brother's jazz interest , it's not really my "cup of tea" so difficult to say what interest there would be and I've been away from Notts for over 35 years too . 

Maybe others on this board could comment ?

I would imagine it would be eagerly read by a few die-hard fans .

The easiest way to freely share would be to set up a Facebook page . A page for each title maybe . Then post selected pages and photos in sequence . It could be promoted via other Nottingham pages and of course here .


The other easy way to share would be to create a blog on WordPress under his name . It's so easy to do once set up ,  just upload text and photos .

Not sure if you can upload .pdfs though.

I suppose you could photograph the hand written parts and upload as jpegs .



If publishing on Amazon was your idea  , this is part one from a few years ago of a guide to self-publishing on Amazon , by a guy called Mike Sheridan who published a book on a Nottingham murder on Amazon. (He may be a member here ?). 

Though not sure how a long hand text would be accomodated .

Hope this helps !



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I remember Johnny Hobbs a great musician lived in Kimberley or Watnall i serviced his vehicles he wore a lot of jewelry that was a long time ago.Another Watnall musician was Johnny Harrison played at Commodore at Aspley he had an antique shop in Kimberley.


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I knew a Martin Jackson he lived at Bobbers Mill he played in band cant remember the bands name he played at the NAAFI club in Bridlesmith Gate 67-68, he was also in the same class as me at PCFE i think he worked at Atkeys as an apprentice in the 60s. Was he any relation to Tony?

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Welcome Martin, I was the DJ at the 360 Club, we booked Pete and Billy Campbell and the Mighty Sparrows a few times around 1969 (I could give exact dates if I could be bothered finding my diary) We must have met.  :)

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On 2/20/2014 at 7:43 PM, Pay said:

Am looking for anyone who remembers the jazz pianist Fred Pay of the Mercia Jazz Band

Hi, I played bass guitar (very unusual back then) for the Mercia from 1973 to 1978. Fred lived on Valmont Drive, Bramcote. We had residencies at the Tally Ho, Carlton then the Test Match Hotel, West Bridgford. Once a month we had guest bands along with the Nottingham Rhythm Club, bands like Ken Colyer, Terry Lightfoot, Zenith Hot Stompers, Roger Nobes, Alex Welsh, Alan Elsdon - top jazz names.

Previously, I’ve tried to find out what happened to;

Fred Pay, piano

Derek Bush, drums

John North, clarinet 

Eddie Blackwell, trumpet

Pete Ryman, trombone

I then was a founder member of the Stapleford Big Band.


John Bentley.

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Showed this to my trombonist brother and he sent the following info :



With regard to John Bentley's list of names, Derek Bush the drummer finished playing
two or three years ago.   His last gig was at the Bell Inn.
He lives in Hoveringham.  
Pete Ryman is in a Retirement home.   The others may have passed on.  
I too was in the Stapleford Big Band with Harold Kyte and Jack Rudd on trombone.
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