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I always said that if I was going to leave the UK I would go to BC. I have relatives from Nottingham who went to Edmonton and last year a woman who worked for us moved to Calgary with her husband and family.  However, I do like the South and Texas. I find the living is so much easier than the UK or the north. i once looked at a place on St Simons Island but thought better of it - it was just too laid-back  

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Never lived in BC.  Often holidayed there when the kids were little.  Penticton, Flintstones village etc.. I know a lot of Brits likeVictoria, very English like.  Afternoon tea, double decker buses, foggy etc.. 


The south here in Ga is fairly laid back.  Still some racial undertones but not too bad.  Other than that most of the same shops and other businesses that we find in Canada.

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