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  • 7 years later...

A big welcome  Stuart 1964   I'm glad that you have joined us because being one of the mature people, tec things are passing me by, so instead of me keep asking out leader cliffton about (how do I do this/that) I can perhaps ask you. 

Please don't let this message put you off our site, to be honest half of us on the site are just ???? 

Any way keep posting looking forward to reading your comments.

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And a couple of photos of Fulforth Street from the mid 70s, although probably too late for Farrands.


On 11/24/2015 at 5:15 PM, Cliff Ton said:


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Thats it - no 173 next to the Barber. That Barber - when I was there in the late 80s - was a Terrarium dealer. On the other side of me was the Nottingham branch of the National Association of Shopkeepers. 1 door down was a greengrocer run by a young man who was there for a year or so. When I took over 173 in 1988 - it already had some stock in it that looked like it was a joke shop - stink bombs etc - a gorillas mask and lots of other novelty stuff. I know there was a joke shop down the road and wondered if there was any connection. Anyway I did have a great time with that shop and have loads of tales - some characters around in those days. Glad some of you remember it.

I sold the shop in 1989 or 1990 - and it went on in business for a couple of more years. 

In 1992 I opened another shop on Mansfield Rd no 93 - a record shop called Simply Classical opposite Richer Sounds - I sold it to my father in 1994 and he went on until 2004. I believe the Tailor Oscar Valentine traded from it after that.

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173 Mansfield Road from 1901 through to at least 1939 appeared to have been a tobacconist shop . 

1901 and 1911 it was a Truman family running it.

1939 it was run by an Albert and Dora Goodwin.

To find out what it was before 1901 runs into the re-numbering problem , caused by the building of the Victoria Station.

Prior to 1901 it would have had the street number of something around 112 Mansfield Rd ?


Edit : Ha !  It was 111 Mansfield Road . 

Prior to 1901 , the same Truman family were living there except it was a blacksmiths. After the death of Thomas Truman   his wife Jane must have changed the business to a Tobacconist.


1881 it appears to be a an ordinary house in occupation of a Garratt family.

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Going on newspaper adverts ,

1973 someone was asking for the following at that address:


"JAPANESE Swords Daggers Armour urgently Required Minimum £15 paid . M. Long , 173 Mansfield Road Nottingham Phone 44137 evenings 865314 "


  1981 it was a video shop called "Telescene"


That's all I can see at the moment.


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Sorry, senior moment. Mike Long’s shop, when I used to frequent it, was on DERBY Road, opposite, and just up from the Cathedral. Antique japanese swords are worth thousands. They are still being forged by expert smiths in Japan, but they usually go into the safes of rich business men as an investment. At one point I was quite “into” the subject. I went down to the V&A which had some beautiful examples, but it put me off a bit when I realised I would never be able to afford anything like those. Post hijack over! 

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