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Our paths must have crossed during Dungeon, Beachcomer, Boat clubs, Hippo, Rainbow Rooms, Sherwood Rooms, any Uni buildings that had groups on. Toreador, L shaped Room, Don Juan, Jules et Jim, Yates, Bell and many more. Rock City, Running Horse in fact anywhere that had live music on. Not to mention endless parties mainly in the Park or Mapperley. Great days indeed.

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I remember the walls in the Beachcomber used to drip with either condensation or sweat.

Being in a basement one of the walls was said to be situated below the level of an adjacent churchyard. It was rumoured that during refurbishment a skeletal had was discovered behind the plasterwork !

Went to see the Equals there once, they all wore white tops and black slacks. They had plenty of "visitors backstage" and when the lights went down and they started their act, the stage lights showed up a pattern of hand prints all over the front and back of their pants.... What a laugh.

A favourite drink there was "Double Diamond" I've not seen it for sale for years, is it still available?

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Google first hit

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Carlton was a tall bugger...good looking bloke. I used to call in the old Calypso a lot after finishing work at one of the other clubs, and knew most of the staff. Spent many of the early hours talking about God knows what. I remember we finished up at my place around daybreak one morning, and finished up indulging in that well know Jamaican pastime.......Monopoly :P

Where the hell did we get the energy from in those days?

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Teenage adrenalin, rebelliousness, the art of knowing everything at eighteen, curiosity, innocence? Everything was fun, new and everlasting. Or so we thought.

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Back to the original question, which was never really sorted........a few days ago I was on Exchange Walk and on the left-hand side I noticed this entrance. Is this the place Smiffy49 is remembering?


Poking around behind that door, it looks like this.


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