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I seem to recall hearing that they lived on Ribblesdale Rd when they first came to Nottingham (I say THEY, but somehow doubt Freddie lived up here).  

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As others have said, the new is on the site of the old, although the new is much bigger. One major change which happened was that half the length of Barker Gate disappeared under the new building. Th

I used to go to the ice rink in the 60’s. Can remember Ralph, my friend, whose mum & dad ran a pub nearby where he used to go, worked for him for a while. I used to go on trips to other ice rinks

Before that Squash Club was built in possibly late 60s/early 70s there was an old house and a small wood on that corner.  I used to nervously walk past there up to my friend’s house in Mapperley, it w

My friend and I  both used to go skating at the stadium  on Sat. we would go to the 9 00 session the 2 00 session and the 7 30 session cost was 1/- to skate if you wanted to hire skates it cost 1/6  at break time we allways had a coke which was the real thing cost 6d.  We only used to go down to the rink on the look out for boys. There were some nice ones but Oh !!! there was also some who were not worth speaking about.

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Never Ice skated.......and only went to the Stadium for Boxing shows....

Always remember Roller Skating at a small arena in Hunstanton...that was a disaster........i couldnt get the hang of it...and finished up hanging on to a Ladies shall we say ''Upper Parts;;; i kept saying '''sorry duck''' but daren't let go...eventually sliding to the ground....then to make it worse while still apologising.......i patted her in the same place......its a wonder i wasn't arrested............:Shock:

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Best time to go ice skating was Saturday afternoon. We would all get into a long line and hold hands, then we would skate around the rink going faster an faster each time, no H/S rules. Any way if you was on the end of the chain, it was not ideal if you let go, so you hung on for your life. 


Of cause being young non of us could see any danger.











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Hi Mary1947,

I too went ice-skating Saturday afternoons and in the evening and remember good times spent there. I remember vividly when it was announced the assassination of JFK. We would often sit in the top row seating on the right as viewed from the entrance to the rink.


Perhaps we may have passed by each other on the ice!

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Hi karin,


I got the two confused. I think heard your dad play at the Odeon in the early 60s.

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