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Hi Guys. This topic is like well cool innit? I mean like I said to me friend when he turned round n said 'Whats happenin' n I like said 'We is  talkin about people what don't talk proper ok' n he said

Yeah, perhaps what she actually said was, you have sugar in your urine.

Mick,that conjures up all sorts of images about the urine sample you took in the other day   Rog

'Have you got any money on you?'

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My #208. Sorry, the sentence should have read ' was not intended as a complimentary word', as you probably guessed.

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"Towd ya so"....... Does me head in..... I just want to say..... "Did you really" ? 

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All night long, a favourite of Bradley Walsh on the Chase....whatever happened to End of the day'..looking back, it would be occasionally quite refreshing! :crazy:









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