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Been a while since I watched the falcons , Today got a surprise on how much they've grown. Should say how much one has grown as there was only one there, something was moving at the far end of the ledge but couldn't make out what it was, adult or chick.

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Just as I clicked onto the Falcons, the camera zoomed in to a close up, it doesn't happen very often so I couldn't resist this opportunity. Doesn't it look great close up.  

I have just had the pleasure of watching a change over on the nest at 8.14am, and pleased to say all looks well, I spotted all four eggs in tact. If I remember correctly the fourth egg was spotted ar

The funniest sight just now. One parent bird on the nest, second parent bird flew in and sidled up to its mate. They then seemed to be having a conversation which probably went something like "Well yo

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Disturbing times up on the NTU nest box. Mrs P has not been seen for a couple of days, Archie the Dad has been looking after the 2 eggs, now and again. This morning a Peregrine Falcon has been seen dead in the city centre and another Falcon has visited the next box.  


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I've never managed to work out which was Mum and which was Dad.

Which ever one was on the eggs has been nipping out at around 9.15 each morning, possibly for breakfast??


I wonder if the other Bird is last years chick


I snapped this earlier and whilst still looking one of the cameras turned the opposite way round, twice.

I caugh it once half way looking down, I wonder if the replacement cameras this year can be turned to see the young ones on thier practice flights.








Both there on the 19th






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Also saw the Falcon or some other bird of prey, hovering in Mapperley.  Shame Mrs P's not been seen but there is something further along the ledge which looks a bit ominous.  Can Dad manage on his own and who or what would attack a Falcon?

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They normally fly off with the carcasses and appear after a few minutes.

There's 2 of them again at the moment, (far end of parapet) is she back?




It's a flat roof below so no harm should be done to any humans by falling carcasses




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I just looked on a minute a go and found that the new camera had been zoomed in, presumably someone is looking at the bird on the edge.

Nice view of the new Library / Bus station complex as well in the background.
I assume the panel decoration around the upper section is meant to look like lace



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The interloper was kicking the eggs about earlier, trying to "accidentally" stand on them and break them and also keep Mr Falcon away from them.

However her maternal instincts seem to get the better of her, or she feared Mr Falcon turning up and what he might do, so she? left and he got onto the eggs for a while.


She? appears to have rings on both legs, obviously been around the block a few times.



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Just had a look on the live feed and, Archie, I presume, is now sitting in the eggs and there appears to be another one further away on the ledge, the new female? I presume. 
Really sad the original female has been found dead, I presume the eggs won’t now hatch as they are left uncovered for periods of time? 


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She’s a fine bird isn’t she, but they don’t seem to be too happy together yet do they?  Whenever I’ve gone on the webcam today Archie has been sitting on the eggs from his previously relationship and she’s been on a ledge below the nest box.  

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At the time I grabbed that picture she'd been in the nest touching the eggs again and looking around a lot,,, in a guilty looking manner.

Then she jumped out onto the ledge and the camera turned the opposite way to reveal Archie, on the far end of the ledge not normally seen, she must have spotted him.

She dropped down onto the ledge below (bottom left of 2nd picture below) and he moved up and sat on the eggs.





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