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Just as I clicked onto the Falcons, the camera zoomed in to a close up, it doesn't happen very often so I couldn't resist this opportunity. Doesn't it look great close up.  

Knowing that the laying of a second egg  was imminent, I have been all agog with anticipation and my vigil has just paid off. Mrs Perigrine was showing all the signs of an egg about to be laid. At app

The funniest sight just now. One parent bird on the nest, second parent bird flew in and sidled up to its mate. They then seemed to be having a conversation which probably went something like "Well yo

I think P9 is the mummy of that first baby, when there was no parent on the nest, briefly just after this little fella hatched, there were the two darker brown eggs still there and I think they were laid by the original female. 

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Havent followed the falcons for a long while. From the photos it seems that some eggs have been abandoned, is that right.?

Above photo is beautiful he looks quite proud.

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Good read for those interested reflecting on a dramatic yet successful season for Nottingham’s resident peregrine pair.

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