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You're spoiling me now Cliff!! I wonder if a pot of emulsion covered that up?? Incidentally, my Mother ,when the air raid sirens sounded..used to dash from between those railings..with her school mates..up to the cellars of the H and H pub..near Hooleys a deuce and a half killed a mam said the American driver was crying.

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Trying to think,opposite Kiddies Korner was Tess,s cafe? It had those round stools..was it a temporary one like on Maid Marion Way?

Also the gable end of St. Marys can be seen,top open windows is Miss Bowlers classroom, ground floor is Miss Reilly.. what a cruel school this was!!

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Hi I worked at B&P straight from school 1966 to 1969 up in the office as stock records clerk. I remember Chris on the switchboard, Ray the pay Doreen his secretary. Anyone remember the wages robbery, cash taken from Rays office whilst he was at lunch.  I remember Dave Padgett in the office and his girlfriend Rosie. Also Ralph Baker buying his son a Minicooper for his 21at only for him to right it off on the first time out. I played for the football team on Thursday first game against Coop Butchers (real team) and played against Forest Colts who included Duncan Mackenzie, Graham  Collier in their team.  


Happy days eh



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Welcome Geoff, look forward to reading your posts and memories. The one thing that stood out to me was, the mention of Duncan McKenzie. Now I have to explain, what I know about football, you could write on a stamp with a felt tip pen. But, as I remember, couldn't Duncan do a standing jump, sideways over a mini?. Just curious!

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Hi Geoff ,

Looks like we were there at the same time  as per my original post . I knocked about with Dave Padgett for a while out of work and we went out as a foursome me with Rosie's mate. Dave had a grey  mini and his mum and dad had a shop in Basford.

I don't recall you though Geoff so we might have just missed working together. I also played football for them in The Thursday League . What is your surname Geoff.

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