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1 hour ago, Jill Sparrow said:

@letsavagooI didn't realize he was your age. I knew Christine and, of course. Denise. I always thought the brother was the eldest but I see, on looking him up, that he wasn't. Born in 1955. He must be on your school photos. The Ropers were a nice family.

Yes Jill, John is on my class photos. I don’t know what school he went to after Berridge. He wasn’t with me at FFGS. My Jane was with Denise all the way through Berridge too. She thinks she went on to Mundella. I think Christine was the eldest. I don’t remember her at all.

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According to Gerald Chandler, who taught Denise Roper in the penultimate year of Berridge and his first year of teaching, she went to grammar school. It probably was Mundella because I know she wasn't at Manning. Mr Chandler said Denise was his all time favourite pupil as she was bright, very hard working and well behaved.


Christine Roper went to Peveril and was in the same year as my sister.

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