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Not sure Ian. I remember the B1 Ripley, B3 Alfreton and the C5 which, I think, went through Jacksdale. There was another one that turned right at the Three Ponds and went through Moorgreen.

I remember a particular MGO conductor called, if memory serves me right, Roland, who used to sing (badly) Gilbert and Sullivan light opera as he collected fares. One day we left Nottingham as a B1 going to Ripley but when we got to the main bus stop in Eastwood he realised he’d got the wrong number on the front and changed it, and the destination of course, to B3 Alfreton! When I got off he was still sorting out refunds to the disgruntled passengers!

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Was these the Blue Buses ?



Countrygirl  A big warm welcome for all of us.



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I went to Alfreton High School and caught either the C5 or the B3 the C5 went through Riddings and Somercotes to Alfreton the B3 went through Underwood and Selston hooking up to the C5 route at Somercotes. The bus that turned right at the Three Ponds was the B4 which went to South Normanton.


They certainly were Mary.


Is the Gate Inn still at Westwood Mary? Many of my school friends got off the C5 there.

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i'm not sure, was it on the main rd? if so then it's now a house, but there is another pub that puts to-gether smashing dinners just up from the main rd. Being a Nottingham girl must addmitt don't go to many locals around here. 

Ask about blue bus as my friend who I worked with used to catch it home. We worked top of Alfreton Road.

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On 2/12/2021 at 10:42 AM, philmayfield said:

There was a Hearty Good Fellow on the corner of Mount St. and Maid Marion Way. I think it’s an Indian Restaurant now.

Thanks Phil, That's the one I was thinking of. I thought I had posted the question but this morning I couldn't see it so I reposted - hope it doesn't get me a 'telling off'!

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