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More tales of exploitation, blackmail and debauchery to come I'm afraid Michael. No! Only joking, but more stories later.

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A friend of ours when we were living in Norfolk used to tell his two daughters that the ice cream man played the chimes to let folks know that he had sold out of ice cream.

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I know this thread is quite old now but I saw this yesterday and it made me think about the vans that these guys used. Does anyone remember the colour of the Covelli van and the tune they played? I seem to think it was painted cream with some orange on it. The other one I remember was the El Dorado van and again I can't remember the colour or the tune they played. Thanks in advance.


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I remember the name Covelli but don't remember anything about how they looked. Pianoman mentions at the beginning of this thread that Covelli was based in Basford, but presumably their vans travelled all over Nottingham.


Googling El Dorado ice cream brings up a link to Merseyside:  I guess the name was probably used by several ice cream companies around the country, so the one in the photo may have no connection with Nottingham.

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