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bighug Happy Birthday Darcy,only 34 u r still a baby,enjoy the day

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boombox2 Yes happy Birthday Darcy as Caz say's your just a baby.

:tease: Thirtyfour years old hey? they were happy day's, massive mortgage, Two teenagers with hormone problems, Working every hour god sent just to make ends meet, bloody great overdraft and a dicky heart... No, i jest darcy make the most of it, life does get better... if only for a short time....

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Happy birthday Darcy, have a good un!

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Thanks guys, a little late, only just saw your messages. B)

Had a great time until my 4 year old daughter asked how old i was, when i told her that i was 34, she replied "gosh mummy you must be very tired", kids bless um they really can pack a punch.

We are on final count down to our move back to Notts. Flights booked 4th July. Hubbie has already driven back and dumped our wordly possessions at my parents house. We can't wait even if a little nervous, has been 12 years. But must say that its only after being away that hopefully one can appreciate what one had.

Someone reassure me that Notts is not that bad.

thanks again


xxxxxxxxxxxxx :mouse:

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;) You couldn't have timed your arrival back to Nottingham if you had planned it meduck to see most of what is left being knocked down...LOL

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