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You're right, carni. I've been sat in the garden watching my wife put our dog through a training session. At the moment we're having trouble getting it to start the motor

No, she's got the hurdles, tunnel and other stuff out and they both seem to be enjoying themselves. At the moment I have the important job of drinks server-upper. :biggrin:

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thanks micheal id certainly miss my friends on here too.

but some good newsat the hostpital today had the results of the byopsis i had two weeks ago pre cancer sells all clear just keep taking the tablets so good news and not got to go back for a yerbreathed a big sigh of relief and can now enjoy rockers reunion on the 1st to 4th of august in skeggy

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me too lizzie just have to spend more time if not but was listning to the radio today they predicting good weather until at least mid august with the odd storm every now and again. but ive got my sunhats for this year ready for hot weather not going to get my head burnt this year like last year factor 50 at the ready

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Hello, David, thanks for your post regarding Paul but we were informed of the loss of your son by Ady Stimpson.

If you go to the Home Page, go down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Orbituaries, Nottstalgia Members' 

you'll find many comments from his Nottstalgia friends.

He's missed by us all and I send my regards to you and members of his family.





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