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Crap towns? Nottingham is an exciting city. I love the place and its only by moving away that you realise what a pleasant place it is. Its not in the same league as some of the places I have to vis

Benjamin , been many times to Milton Keynes . Its almost exactly half-way between where my two sons live , one in Northants , one in Herts. Because of the massive choice of shops , it's a regular vi

Only been to Derby a couple of times & don't think much of it. I don't like Leicester much either. And Birmingham................if the world had piles that's where they would be.

Been into Loughborough & the usual bric-a-brac market was there plus there was one of those "French" markets & it was placed allong what would have been the mainroad(A6) through town.

And it was really nice to see even if I bought nothing :)

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I was born and raised in Nottingham and loved every second of living there. However, I couldn't live in a big city again, I've lived in a small town environment in East Anglia for the past 40 odd years and I'm happy to keep it that way. Yes, Braintree has it's faults and it's scummy areas, but I can walk into the town centre within 10 minutes via lovely parks, and at the bottom of my garden is a nature reserve and my skies at night are to die for. I've just been for a walk around town and met so many people I barely know yet are so friendly, I love it here.

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Only been to Derby a couple of times & don't think much of it.

I don't like Leicester much either. :(

And Birmingham................if the world had piles that's where they would be. :)

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You've mentioned a few places that I know particularly well.

I went to college in Loughborough and always liked the place. The Carrilon is in the park. There is a museum nearby now in what used to be the swimming baths. The market place is one of those traditional types and it takes over the centre just in front of the town hall every Saturday. It's a nice place to go.

Do you know that Loughborough had 3 railway stations at one time.

Cleethorpes. Yes I agree, it is dull. My dad worked there for 3 years in the 70's. Though I must say that Grimsby (nearby) is much better and actually not a bad town centre. In the time that I was there, that part of Lincolnshire still felt very cut-off to me.

I used to go Louth quite a lot to buy records.

Someone mentioned Derby - which I have always disliked. A very strange hotch potch town. Odd buildings, bizarre traffic schemes. Bad overall planning in trying to integrate old buildings with new. The Eagle centre was horrible and the new Westfield one is as impersonal as all the other Westfields you'll find throughout the country.

The bus station got replaced by an office block with some bus stands at the bottom where they now have to back out into in-coming traffic. It was chaos while the new thing was being built and it's still a pain trying to find the right bus to get you out of the damned place. It gets a bit nicer towards Friargate but I wouldn't go there if I didn't have to.

Leicester ? Totally agree. I can't travel through it quick enough.

Of all the major cities in the East Midlands, I always thought that Notts was the best. It does fill me with trepidation though to see what they've been doing to it in the last few years. The re-development of Slab Square - replacing something nice with a rather strange collection of, what look like, storm drains. The way they've let both shopping centres decay - particularly Broadmarsh. Knocking down streets. Driving manufacturing out of the centre. Enormous rents forcing shops to close. Over-priced parking.

A very expensive and intrusive Tram scheme which they seem to be putting all their faith in to revive the centre (!).

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