French Cottage with land

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Hi, Selling my beautiful cottage set within 4.5 acres, comprising pasture, orchards, stream and woodland. Ideal place for self sufficiency. Cider barn and press. Woodburner and endless supply of wood.

Look up The property is under PLUFUR

This is not a good property for those that want a holiday home with little upkeep. The house is in excellent condition but the grounds need regular attention. Perfect for keeping animals - horses, sheep, goats etc.


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Actually, Lizzie, I hope that it does not sell. I must confess to going through the motions to please HWMBO. I love my Mrs but she gets bored in France. Likes home too much. We have had 11 good years there though.

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Very tempting PP showed my wife the pics and her words were " but we don't speak French" but I could see myself ending my days somewhere like that ! Very pretty, what region is it in ?

It would be hard to move back to suburbia after living somewhere like that.

My wife and I are modern day gypsies, or as we are called here Grey Nomads, think it' s going to be very hard, for me anyway, to one day put down roots again, but we're always looking.

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Well - I don't speak French. Being totally deaf means I have difficulty with English LOL. However I do speak 'Intergalatic barspeak' which means that I could live anywhere!

Plufur is in Brittany and about 30 miles east of Roscoff ferry port operating from Plymouth. We are 6 miles from the sea, 800 metres from the village bar and shop. The weather is similar to SW England, maybe a degree or so warmer.

Before we bought this property we took several holidays in Brittany and got a feeling for the region.To test out life in rural Brittany I would suggest that you rent an out of season holiday gite for a few weeks and have a look around. I have friends with gites in the area. There are some really cheap houses available that are habitable for less than 50,000. 100,000 euros will get you quite a nice house with a decent garden.

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