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So a nice easy question with a picture, and a new boy has to come in an solve it! :huh:

Welcome Tony :)

No picture this time, just a puzzle.

You are in the Bell Inn Market Square, where you consume a goodly amount of

the brown liquid. Upon leaving you find yourself in need of somewhere to sit

down and rest.

A victorian walled garden with lawn, flowerbeds and benches, away from the hustle and bustle of the city would be ideal?

But where is the nearest?

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No Pic

But the one you mention is of interest, There was a Murder case in the 1980's of

which that area was connected, There are some caves there, where witchcraft was practiced. They still remain to this day. If you could get into the caves, you would probably still see the simbols.

Any more offers?

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Hello Cala & welcome :)

Hah !

Solved by another New Member! :P

Come on Ilko yer slippin lad :lol:

Upon staggering from the front door of the Bell Inn, Turn left and

make your way up towards the old Odeon. Youwill see an arched doorway.

It's through there. Like an oasis in the city.

These premises were owned, and might still be by The Thoroton Society.

Thoroton Society Web Site

Know any more gems like that one Cala?

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Thanks Ayagorawiya, but there are two similar ones in the Lace Market that are still there, one is called Bellargate Rest Garden just off Bellargate believe it or not and the other bigger one is between Woolpack Lane and Barkergate and is also a rest garden but I cannot find a name for it. Use to be the place to go in the late 60's for a bit of snogging when striking lucky at the Bowling Alley around the corner.

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I've been a member of Bromley house for just over a year now and try and get there two or three times a month, work permitting. You'll most probably find me in the Gallery area where pre 1970's fiction lives. Come and have a look if you haven't already done so, you will be entranced as I was......

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I too joined Bromley House a year ago. My renewal has just come through and I intend to remain a member. It is not terribly expensive, less than the price of a decent coffee per week and well worth the fee. I joined primarily as I was involved in a project relating to the letters my paternal grandfather wrote home from France in WW1 and it was a calm pleasant convienient place to meet others involved and work. It is a wonderful place with many interesting books both ancient and modern. My maternal Grandmother was a librarian there from 1913 to 1919. The building is in the process of having some major repairs particularly to the roof. The staff are very helpfull and I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering joining to do so. 

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That's my maternal Grandmother Ian. Miss Maud Ellis. She was one of the daughters of Samuel Ellis, bakers in Arnold, quite well known for their excellent cakes. She married Charles Edward Clarke when he returned from the war. I may have quoted the dates incorrectly from memory. I beleive there is a Kodak exhibition currently on in the attic.

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