Nottstalgia's Gone Blue on me!

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Can one of the Admin. people sort out my Nottstalgia website. I've been away for a couple of weeks and have somehow messed it all up trying to get on for my daily fix using my iPhone, but it's the same on iPad and having just got home I find the same problem on the desktop computer. I have everything in blue and black instead of having our dear Robin and the Castle at the top of the front page. This happened before and Limey sorted it out quickly. Hope someone can get me back to what I can deal with again as I'm getting severe withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks in anticipation!!

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Thanks for the 'welcome back' Carni, I can't even give you a LIKE for the comment the way my Nottstalgia has gone! We've been in South of France on the Midi Canal. Rented a boat and cruised along the canal for a week, going through 66 locks which were all automated thank goodness, otherwise I'd have arms like Popeye now.

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Hope you had a nice holiday Lizzie.

Fancy coming back all blue, it's not that cold back here is it ?

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Should be fixed - if it is not the way you want it, go to "change theme" at the bottom left corner of the page. Problem was that your account had set itself to the "mobile" version.

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