Unions and the AEU

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Thanks Ian. Unions have done much good and these things seem to get overlooked when the strikes and conflicts fill the news. Before the days of the welfare state some unions ran their own pension and sick pay schemes. The Typographical society did. At the Warwick University Modern Records Centre you can read about their pension scheme, sick pay scheme and also in their quarterly magazines there are lists of new members of the union in different towns and cities. In there I found my grandfather's name in a list of those who were retiring and also a notice of when he died. There is a sense of unity. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am delivering training to a group of union members on negotiation. The negotiation training is about "principled" negotiation, not hard or soft styles and it is based on research done at Harvard University.  The course is accredited by NOCN. It is a shame that this approach was not used by Christopher Pole-Carew in his negotiations with the compositors at the Nottingham Evening Post back in 1973.

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