Palais’s Bali Hai Disco !!!

Guest Hugh Janus

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Guest Hugh Janus

Bali Hai Disco

Dancers at the Palais’s Bali Hai Disco, 1983. By

The famous revolving dance floor at the Nottingham Palais established as a major attraction in the 1950’s, enjoyed something of a revival in the 80’s. Providing a perfect platform on which to enhance machine-like dance-moves like body popping, and moon walking.

Remember this place...spent many a happy hour on the floor !!! Sometimes I managed to get up !

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Nice find that Hugh smile2

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heres a permanent upload below (Is that you in the stripey jacket?


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In Fact, A very good find indeed,

Just take a look at some of the Nottingham Images Here (Image directory)

Of course I should have known its Paul Fillingham & Christopher Richards.



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Some great nostalgic pics on there. There aren't many of the old pubs & clubs left now. I used to dance at the Bali Hai on a Saturday night,it was definately the place to be seen! god it was hot too ,so hot my make up used to melt & my eye liner would run [sounds like one of Hughs observations from a previous post] I always remember going back upstairs for a breath of fresh air [if you can call it that?] & my ears would be ringing from the music,god knows what the smoke did for my lungs. !faint!

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Actually I am taping the music of the Era here in LA.

K-Earth 101, plays it non stop here.

Gonna put it in CD in me car back in blighty.

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