Warren Clarke RIP

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Another actor leaves us. Never watched Dalziel and Pascoe, but loved his characters that popped up from time to time. His last work is a remake of Poldark, I shall await it with interest as I used to love watching the original in the 70's. RIP Warren Clarke

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A great actor, and a very amusing man. RIP Warren.

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R.I.P. Warren Clarke........Another great actor taken from us at far too young an age.


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Saw A clockwork Orange when it first came out in 1972?

Was it the director Stanley Kubrick who withdrew the film shortly after?

I know it resurface a long time later was it after Kubrick's death in 1999 ?

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Another great British actor gone. RIP

As an aside, my wife went into labour with our son watching Clockwork Orange at the Metropole cinema Sherwood. Ha funny that, she's never liked violent scenes in films.

I also had the vinyl sound track for years. Loved synth music at the time.

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Re. Walter Carlos.

Now known of course as Wendy Carlos since 'gender transition' in 1972.

I think Clockwork Orange was about the 4th. album (after 'Switched On Bach', 'The Well Tempered Synthesizer' and 'Sonic Seasonings')

Switched On Bach was ground-breaking and still sounds great today.

On the Clockwork Orange soundtrack I particularly like the version of Beethoven's 9th - with it's vocoder choir.

Amazing really for 1972.

Re. Warren Clark.

He was great for those craggy-type roles.

I particularly liked a TV play he did with Haydn Gwynne many years ago about relationships. Good Brummie accent !

He said that he got loads of offers after Clockwork Orange for similar type roles, but turned them down for fear of being type-cast.

Sad that he died so suddenly. I didn't even know he'd been ill.


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