Anybody used the Brit, Boat and Union & other clubs?

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Hey folks! Writing in from New York. I'm going deep on some research right now on the band circuit in 1967 and I love reading all these memories. Did anyone here go to the Jimi Hendrix Experience show at the Beachcomber on Jan 14, 1967. Also, any resources for photos of Beachcomber? I'm trying to find some details about that show and the performance of Jimmy Cliff and the Shakedown Sound, who opened up for him. Thanks! 

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I remember my first visit to the Brit. It was summer 1967, I was just 17yrs old.  After a couple of pints with my mates at the TBI .....owooch ....2/6d ! for a pint of Double Diamond (usually 1/10d at

I've looked back at the posts that mention you by name Ian and can see no reason for you to request the removal of any of the posts. There are three instances I can see, Lizzie one and Margie two

You have every right not to be interested, Ian, but it's a shame.   I think it's good to listen to other people's opinions and, in so doing, sometimes learn something about ourselves.      I

rschanger. In the search box top of your page  (magnifying glass) put Beachcomber in there, scroll down and hit Search. Any mention of saud Beachcomber will come up. Pages of it. 

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