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The guy who carried out some electrical work for me.........for legal reasons l cannot name him.

And her husband....Gene

Sure was Fly,, Painted the town red even,, Made the ladies smile,, And killed all the baddies,, Just wish i was 6 inches taller 2 years younger and had a Horse,,, lol,,

The Wild Bunch is my fav western of all time.

William Holden, Ben Johnson, Warren Oates, Ernest Borgnine. Who would take on these bad boys !!!!!!!

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One of the interesting (for some) facts I learned on my many visits over the years to see my late Dad in Los Angeles.

In fact he had experience as a film extra.

Gower Gulch


Gower Gulch, is a nickname for the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Advertisement for the Gower tract, 1905 Since the days of silent film, the surrounding area had contained several movie studios, including the Christie Studios (on the northwest corner) during the 1920s, then later, Columbia and Republic Studios to the south along Gower Street. Western films at both studios were extremely popular, especially from the 1930s through the 1950s, and actual working cowboys would come to Hollywood hoping to find work in the movies. They would congregate at that particular street corner, which is how it acquired its nickname. The Columbia Drug Store, which stood on the southeast corner for several decades, was a hangout for many western film extras in hopes of finding work, knowing the casting agents from the studio could reach them there.

Indeed, John Wayne, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers all got their start in this neighborhood, as did director John Ford.

Columbia Studios was filming western films about every ten days for a time. The cowboy extras stood at the corner already dressed in their Stetson hats, boots, and bandannas, ready for saloon scenes, as cattle rustlers, or as members of a posse. The pay was about $5 a day or $10 for a minor speaking role.

Charlie Chaplin made some of his first movies in this area (WikiPedia)

Not many people know that :)

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Explanation , you sound like my missus.

With regards to what Andy ?

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