Frank Wheldon early 80s

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Anyone go there at that time?

What house?



1) Obviously the legend of the Coal Wall.

2) Sneaking into the forum at night and running across the swimming pool covers to see if you could make it to the other side without sinking.

3) Anyone remember the car being driven into the swimming pool? I remember the school morning bulletin the next day that read something like "If you want to play squash then you can do this alone , but if you want to use the pool you will need an 'Escort'".

Other stories?

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Richard Townsend here, I went to Wheldon left in 1981 and was in Thoresby. Mr Lucas is the stand out character calling us cartonian spaso's which has ingrained into my brain 35 years later but hey best years of your life. People in my year were Julian Osborne, Julian Howard, Dave Guiste

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I was there 85-92, Welbeck. My first memory was the pre-joining visit while still at Parkdale Juniors, the fifth formers put on a show by dangling a couple of first years out of Welbeck common room by their feet.

Best years of my life regardless of its reputation, from smoking weed in the cavity walls underneath the sixth form common room (used to get access from a broken vent under the stair well) to the whole of the boys PE group being lined up and whacked with a cricket bat for dropping one lad's uniform in the swimming pool, many a summer trip to Hollinsclough (one of the benefits of being an art student) to visiting German sex shops at the age of 13 whilst on a foreign trip - lasting memory of that one was I got caught / grassed up with two items of 'contraband' on the trip home, some black cat condoms and a german army boot knife, I never saw the johnnies again but the teacher returned the knife to me a few days later...

The car in the swimming pool was early 86, one of my cousins did it after leaving a year or two earlier, he was one of the local nutters at the time.

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