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Members are still having problems in trying to post images with their messages - you don't have to tell me how frustrating it is; took me ages to get the hang of it. As the saying goes, once you get t

Cheers Chulla, glad it's so easy. PS: What's Photobucket? I am still scratching my head as to how I put photos on the laptop!!

Yes thanks Chulla, one day soon when I can get my brain into gear I'll follow your instructions word for word and see how successful I can be. Don't hold your breath!

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Further to my #1 above giving instructions on how to post images via Photobucket, feedback seems to indicate that it has helped some members but they are still some difficulties with others. I have amended the instructions, below, in light of further experience.

A1. Google or Explorer 'Photobucket'

A2. Click on 'Sign up' and do just that and then go back and

A3. Click on 'Log in'

A4. Click on 'Upload'

A5. Click on 'Choose photos and videos'

A6. Click on 'Documents' or where you store your images

A7. Double click on the photo you want to load into Photobucket library. Photo will appear in Photobucket page (but

might take a little while)

You now have it permanently in the Photobucket library, but it will likely be too small when you eventually post it into a message; so there are two ways of altering its size.

B1. When you see A5 box (above), click on icon in top right corner, choose size and click 'Save'.

C1. Alternatively, if you want to choose a size other than in A5 box, then put cursor below the blue boxes that say

'Prev' and 'Next' and five icons will appear - click on the centre one that says 'Edit'

C2. Click on 'Resize'

C3. Change number to what you want it to be - just change left number, right one will automatically change to keep


C4. Click 'Apply' and then click 'Save'

You are now ready to insert images into your message.

D1. Call up Photobucket on internet

D2. Click on 'Log in'

D3. Click on 'Library' (will show all of your images)

D4. Click on the one you want to insert

D5. On right-hand side of screen click on 'IMG' line at bottom of list; it has a URL address with numbers and letters.

It will briefly turn yellow and flash the word 'saved'

D6. If you are only posting the single image then come out of Photobucket (click the X in top right corner of screen)

D7. Bring Nottstalgia on screen and scroll down to Reply Box.

D8. Click on 'More Reply Options'

D9. Click on 'Enable HTML'.

D10. Right click in reply box and then click on 'Paste' in drop-down menu, and the image's URL address will appear, not the image.

D11. Add caption above or below URL address

D12. Click 'Add Reply' and Bingo! the image will appear in your posted message.

If it doesn't and you only have the URL address, then click the go-back arrow at top left of screen and then unclick the Enable HTML box.

If you want to post more than one image in a message then have Nottstalgia and Photobucket on screen together, but in reduced screen sizes. You can then easily keep calling up images from the library, clicking on their IMG/URL address and than posting them as per above instructions into the Reply Box.

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URL is UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR, in other words a Web address. Typical of Americans, they cannot give something a simple name. You do not have to know this with regard to above, just recognise it where it appears in the instruction.

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carni and Sue B 48, and any other frustrated Photobucketeers. Re the Photobucket instructions above in my #30, lines D.7 to D.12 have been amended to make it a little easier to post an image. I have tried it and it works fine. No excuses now, let's see some trial posts - you will have tears of joy running down your cheeks when it all goes to plan.

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The info regarding putting photos onto Nottstalgia has been there for a long time. If you click on 'Questions about use of Forums' and then click on 'Images As Attachments' you'll see that I put instructions on #52 on the 5th May 2014. So despite Chulla and myself putting the info on for them some Nottstalgians aren't reading it. :biggrin:

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I think one of the main problems with getting Photobucket images into a message is that from the library there are ten clicks to getting success. It is so easy to get them wrong if they are not spelled out simply. Apart from your explanation, Michael, no-one has come up with a good set of instructions, despite knowing how to do it. Your instructions differ slightly from mine, and I wonder if there is a conflict caused by different computer operating systems. I use Window 7 Home Premium. Other operating systems might not follow my instructions correctly. Would be interesting to see if any member uses a different operating system to mine, and follows my instructions, and gets success.

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I used Photobucket earlier and no problems, now things have changed, I need help.

I was about to upload more photos and access Photobucket through explorer. The log in page is totally different but logged in and onto the next page. This was also different, lacking information and nothing like I am used to. When I clicked on upload and onto the next page I was only given the option of uploading by e-mail. This is not an option for me because of the time involved.

What have I done wrong? How do I get back to the pages as shown on Chulla's instructions?

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Robbie. Just tried logging-in to Photobucket via Explorer and everything worked OK. OK also when I went into upload. All pages looked as they have always done. Hopefully, you have got a temporary glitch.

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