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Well at last I have managed to see the Diabetes Specialist Nurse and it's good news My last sugar reading was classed as "normal, no further action needed" which is fantastic, but of course there i

So, as many now know, cos i don't keep a lot to myself, I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At this time I do not need medication and have been told to try and control it by diet and

Annual diabetes check up last week and am so pleased to report that I am still technically diabetes free. Official note from doctor on blood tests was "no further action needed" I am now 18 months fr

I agree Catfan, a brilliant book. Another one which I carry around with me is the Collins "How To Succeed Using The GI Index Diet" It's pocket sized and a great little fount of information, especially if eating out.

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Latest news. Had my Diabetes Health Check last week, as a new patient at the local surgery. I was pleased to see that I have maintained my weight for 6 months now, so that was a good sign, although I knew that as it is something I can monitor at home. After having the blood taken it has been a bit of a nervous wait . The last 6 months at Sandringham have involved a coffee and cake morning each Friday, and whilst I know I can always say no, I am basically a polite person and do not like to cause people discomfort so I usually had may cake and ate it :biggrin: and there have been the odd occasions where I have had fish and chips and puddings after a meal out, not to mention the occasional illicit ice cream. So I am really thrilled to say the doctor told me today that I am officially Diabetes free, though I may develop it again in the future. However I have to return for a liver function test, but I was poorly last week and it had started just before my check up so it's possible that was the cause. I shall see in a couple of weeks.

O wow, I'm so pleased, but will not rest on my laurels and will continue with my new lifestyle. And I shall carry on with my check ups when necessary.

What I would like to say to those of you who read this is just this, if you have, or go on to develop, diabetes it can be beaten. Catfan has shown how his diet change has helped. And don't be put off by people on forums who say that you have to cut carbs to 30 grams a day, and that the low carb high fat diet is best. High fats cause heart disease. You simply need to keep to the daily recommended rates, or just below , make a few changes to some ingredients, which I have mentioned earlier on this blog, and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It can be done but you have to stay focused.....and have the odd treat along the way, a cake a week is acceptable.

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Great results darkazana, you have proved that you don't have to go without certain food (all in moderation) and that you can have the treats in life and control Diabetes. In your case free yourself of it all together.

I hope you continue to do well. I feel sure you will do; as you have worked out the balance of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

All that stepping has probably played a part in your success. thumbsup

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darkazana, I was so pleased to read your post because that's the stuff I like to read, about someone's improving health.

You mentioned that catfan's diet change has helped him but I think that he'd do better if he stopped drinking Hobgoblin.

You can tell him that I'll be out of the UK for a while, just in case he comes looking for me with a shotgun, hahaha.

Only kidding, catfan. One last thing, darkazana. I don't have any diabetes problems but I want to clear something up

just in case I may have later on in life. You state that: 'and have the odd treat along the way, a cake a week is acceptable' (#53).

Does this mean that I can eat a large Black Forest Gateau cake in one go or can I just cut a piece daily until it's gone? :biggrin:

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I eat what I want and if it hurts afterwards, then I wait until the next day before I have it again. My youngest daughter has had Chrones for years and is very inhibited in her diet.

A friend of mine suffers badly with diverticulitis and is in almost constant pain. I dread telling her that I've eaten fruit & nut chocolate, Genoa cake, cashew nuts etc. I sympathise enormously.

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Annual diabetes check up last week and am so pleased to report that I am still technically diabetes free. Official note from doctor on blood tests was "no further action needed"

I am now 18 months from being diagnosed type 2, and 12 months of being pronounce clear. I have also kept the weight off for a year now. I read the other day that apparently the longer you can keep your weight down after dieting, without the yo-yoing effect, the better chance that it will stay off in the long run.

Since the last check up I have added a few treats to my diet, a cake now and again, a pud when we go out for a meal, but try to keep things on an even keel, and continue to manage on smaller portions and snacking on nuts when I feel the need....most days :) and of course keeping up my exercise now aiming for 8000 steps a day (not easy when ensconced in an office for 8 hours) instead of 6000 and catching up on my treadmill when we get home for our days off. Hopefully get some good walks around Clumber when the weather improves.

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Having been reading about Catfans scary diabetes episodes recently brought to mind my own blog, which has been woefully neglected recently.


I am so pleased that Catfan has come off the insulin and that his BG is back to where it was 2 years ago, and I whole heartedly hope it stays there, if not even improving more. I know how scary it can all be, but I am blessed that I have been able to control my diabetes by diet and exercise.


I went for my regular 6 monthly check up last week and have just learned that all is normal, "no further action necessary". Even though I work hard at this it is always a nerve wracking few days for me until I get the results I am hoping for. I never take it for granted that I will still be ok. I shall be on this path for the rest of my life, but if I can keep off the meds then its a price worth paying.


 Whilst at work this last season our site Warden had type 2 diabetes and was on meds. Because of the meds he is happy to eat anything at all, which I find a worry as your body adjusts to the meds and then suddenly they don't work so well so you need more and so the cycle continues. The warden does not look particularly healthy (in fact coincidentally last years warden was exactly the same) and I wonder how he will manage over the years. Because I choose to control the diabetes they way I do on several occasions he wondered at my dislike of taking medication, and why I did not check my glucose levels regularly, and was not at all interested in the fact that I was doing ok. On the plus side the lady warden, Suz, who arrived to take over this winter season also has diabetes (Is it something to do with the job???) but is on a journey like mine and so we could discuss the subject quite intelligently. She is on meds but is determined to come off and we are going to keep in touch to support each other.


As to checking my glucose levels, I do not do this as I do not like sticking sharp objects into myself (though I believe there are ways to avoid this now). I simply track my diet and know how much of the good and bad stuff I'm putting in my body. However every time I go for a check up my nurse lets me know what my HbA1c was. Last week I was amazed to learn that last May it had dropped to 41mmol which is normal. A reading of 42 is classed as "at risk". This was amazing to me as last Christmas I had started to add treats to my diet but the reading had dropped from 43 (last Novembers reading) to 41.  Suz and I had been discussing our glucose levels and I hadn't been sure what mine was when first diagnosed, so after my check up last week I rooted out my very first readings and was shocked to see that when I was diagnosed my HbA1c reading was 76mmol!!! way above that on which Suz had been put onto meds. So I am really pleased to have achieved 41. I won't know until next March what this last reading was, but shall continue to monitor my diet, which does not mean no cake ever again, I can be a little more relaxed, just not OTT.


And the point of all this is that if there is anyone out there reading this who is newly diagnosed or who wants to come off the meds, then you should know that it can be done. I am happy to share my plan with anyone, and at the moment am in the process of building a website aimed at helping others to reverse diabetes.


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