people cant pm me

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I found that if I replied to a pm from Andy it worked ok, but if I just click on his name and try to send a brand new one it come backs with " this member is not receiving messages". Or words to that effect.

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I think Cliff ton may be onto something. I found that to clear my inbox I need to go in and check mark each message I want to delete. You can delete a page full by clicking the top check box the it will delete that whole page. Just clicking on delete does not get rid of them. They MUST be checked.

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I think your problem Hippo Girl is that you are using the mobile skin to interact with the forum. An issue with that skin is you can't get out of it - but I can switch you to another if you wish. I "think" you may be using an iPad or other similar device, in which case you may have to change to accessing the site through a web browser rather than the mobile app.

Let me know if you want me to switch your access.

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Hippo Girl, this is what I'd do to delete PMs; see if you can do the same - or where do you come unstuck.

1. Click on your name where you log in at top right.

2. That will give a small box with several options *My Profile; My Contents etc etc)

3. Click on "Personal Messenger"

4. You will get a list of "My Conversations"

5. Choose one to delete; On the far right, tick the small box.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page; check "Delete" and then "Go"

Can you get that far?

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