Old British Detective Programmes Remembered

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Don't forget the most famous one of all - Sherlock Holmes. Mid 60's series, Holmes played by William Hartnell.

I don't think William Hartnell ever played Sherlock Holmes on TV - he would have been too busy with Dr Who in the 1960s.

The mid-1960s BBC series starred Douglas Wilmer as Holmes, later replaced by Peter Cushing.


I think Jeremy Brett was the best Holmes on screen - the closest to the character as in the books anyway.

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Actually, it was, and is "HAWAII 5-0". Yes they are making new ones, but they are not very good - or popular.

If we are talking American shows, my favorite was "The Rockford Files" - stall available on Netflix!

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The best I thought was 'The Expert' I think it starred Marius Goring and was about forensics.

Yes. I'd forgotten all about that.

It was a good series. Marius Goring as a pathologist.

I've never seen any repeats ever.

Maybe it was another programme from BBC 2 that was just wiped afterwards. There's a lot of stuff like that: Spike Milligan's 'World of Beachcomber', Ronnie Barker and David Jason in 'His Lordship Entertains'.

Fantastic stuff that they would be repeating all the time on Freeview if they'd kept it.

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