Old British Detective Programmes Remembered

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Dixon of Dock Green, Z-Cars?

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Ha. Jason King.

Legendary !

Started off as a character in Department S.

The image was supposed to be that of a mature ladies man with remarkable style and an incredible sense of fashion.

Hysterical really.

Peter Wyngarde (or Cyril Goldbert to use his real name) was wearing a full length wig (rather like a hat) and his rather contrived Carnaby Street 'lady-killer' dress sense was at odds with the fact that he was a rampant homosexual. In the business he was known as Petunia Winegum and had already had a 10 year affair with Alan Bates when he was dubbed 'the man most girls would like to lose their virginity to'.

Unfortunately, two incidents of gross indecency in Gents toilets - which led to him being arrested and convicted, kind of killed his career.

Most storylines in Jason King had him being knocked out at least once in every episode.

In real life he would have brain damage by about episode 4 !

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The best I thought was 'The Expert' I think it starred Marius Goring and was about forensics.

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Paul Temple, BBC 1 1969, still hear it on BBC4extra and Dial M for Murder, Hazell 1978, and of course the classic, DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT,

Boris Karloff in Colonel March of Scotland Yard BBC 1950s - Rupert Davies in Maigret 1960s

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