Name the year !

Guest Hugh Janus

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Guest Hugh Janus


02 - USA officially withdraw from UNESCO

07 - Nine striking miners in the UK are jailed for arson

10 - Eight die when a gas explosion wrecks a block of flats in Putney, South London

13 - 390 people are killed when an Ethiopian train bound for Addis Ababa falls into a ravine

14 - Israeli cabinet decides on a three-stage withdrawal from occupied Lebanon, beginning in February

20 - President Reagan and Vice-President Bush are inaugurated for their second terms

21 - A record cold snap kills 40 people in 15 US states

25 - New Zealand refuses US warships entry to ports

25 - South African president Botha opens a three-chamber parliament for whites, Indians and coloureds

25 - Bernhard Goetz, who has admitted to shooting four black youths on a New York subway on December 22 last year, is to face illegal weapons charges only. Goetz is regarded as a hero by many New Yorkers, and a dangerous racist by others

29 - Dons at Oxford University refuse to grant Mrs Thatcher an honorary degree

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My guess would be 1984, though it could be early 1985.

Well.... what year was it??? :Fool:

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!rulez! Hugh Janus has left the building cali so the likelihood of getting an answer from him is remote saying the least, unless one of ilkos stand ins would like to reply.

i would think that it's unncessary to trouble them at this time of the evening because i can answer the question myself.....

the answer is what you cali and rob237 said 1985.................... B) !bravo!

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Thank you Bip, that would have driven me bonkers not knowing the answer. I know the re-election of Reagan was Nov. 84, but I wasn't sure whether the inauguration was held at the end of the year, or the beginning of the following year. I guess I need to pay a little more attention to politics....or maybe it's best to just keep ignoring them!!! ;)

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