Peverel Archaeological Group.

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There are many reports of excavations (digs) in "Transactions of the Thoroton Society" published every year since 1897

I don't know who organised the digs though & there are not any digs reported in each years book.

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Why don't you contact the City Archaeologist, Gordon Young,

I have known him for years and he will be only too pleased to help.

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They were formed in 1949 when arguments within the Nottingham Archaeology Society led to this new group being formed. They initially undertook excavations of the caves at Nottingham Castle and later undertook excavations of other caves, most notably the Moot Hall caves.

If anyone has any other questions about archaeology in Nottingham do get in touch with me. I have worked on many research projects in the city and am author of the book 'Nottingham: the Buried Past of a Historic City Revealed'.

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Thank you for the welcome. I am an archaeologist and historical researcher working in the city, so will try and answer any questions members might have about the city's past.

Welcome...and just one question I have....

I'd like to know why the Romans ignored what we now know as Nottingham for 400 years....

A possible coin hoard found at Wilford in the 18th century and another in the Sherwood Rise area in the 19th

Roman finds in the Iron age fort at Broxtowe . Forts and villas at Barton in Fabis,Dorket Head Arnold,Calverton,Farnsfield....Bridges or fords near Fiskerton and another near Wilford church. And of course the Fosse and settlements in that area.

But the area of present day Nottingham with its natural fortifications in the sandstone cliffs from the Castle through to Sneinton overlooking the Trent Valley and Trent Bridge area.......Nothing.

Answers in a plain brown envelope please.

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