Old Narrow Marsh Pictures.

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I wondered about that myself Robbie, could a road nearby be called Ilkeston Road in them days ? Cliff Ton will hopefully come along soon & put us right !


The idiots at the Evening Post (in Birmingham) strike again. They know nothing about the subject they are writing, they just copy it from somewhere and often get it wrong - as we've seen before.

That photo can be explained like this: The main road is Ilkeston Road, and the road just visible going off to the left is Faraday Road. (that pub in the centre was The Crown and was demolished many years ago). Faraday Road used to be called Radford Marsh.

The NEP imbeciles have found the word Marsh, but the wrong Marsh.

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Now educate me on one of those pictures. I didn't think the OLD Crown Inn on Ilkeston Road was anywhere near Narrow Marsh. I always thought Narrow Marsh was Inner City.

Well before I clicked 'post' I read again the posts above. The mistake jumped out at me. I would still like to know where exactly was Narrow Marsh?

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Clff ton is dead right about Ilkeston Road and RADFORD Marsh. I believe Radford Marsh was the area between Faraday Road and Triumph Road. Funnily where the River Leen wends it way. The Crown on the corner of Faraday Road was demolished and its licence transferred to the new Crown pub still there on Western Boulevard. It is amazing how many people think Ilkeston Road continues right up to Western Boulevard, when in actual fact it becomes Wollaton Road from the top of the railway bridge. The area occupied by Canterbury Road, Kennington Road, Marchwood Close and all the streets between had a strange nick name. My parents both hailed from Radford, and indeed my paternal grandmother was raised on Dorset Street off Canterbury Road. Everyone in Radford called tha area SODDAM. And every elderly person in Radford I asked the reason why told me the same thing. Years ago, a man used to sell fish outside Radford Station. At the end of the day if no-one had bought any, he threw them over the railway bridge and shouted SODDAM!. I kid you not.

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From Derby Road, the canal followed the boundary wall of Wollaton Park and was well to the west of the River Leen by the time it got to the Radford/Wollaton border. When it got to Wollaton road it turned sharply to the west next to Wollaton Road where there was a wharf from the Thomas North Colliery Railway. It then turned sharply north again and under Wollaton Road and straight into Lock 6 adjacent to Radford Bridge Road. This is why you can't see it on the map on post 21.

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